Louis D’Alotto, New York, USA

Infinite games on finite graphs using Grossone

Renato De Leone, Camerino, Italy

Recent advances on the use of Grossone in optimization and regularization problems

Kalyanmoy Deb, East Lansing, USA

Karush-Kuhn-Tucker proximity measure for convergence of real-parameter single and multi-criterion optimization

Luca Formaggia, Milan, Italy

Numerical modeling of flow in fractured porous media and fault reactivation

Jan Hesthaven, Lausanne, Switzerland

Precision algorithms

Francesca Mazzia, Bari, Italy

Numerical differentiation on the Infinity Computer and applications for solving ODEs and approximating functions

Panos Pardalos, Gainesville, USA

Sustainable interdependent networks

Michael Vrahatis, Patras, Greece

Generalizations of the intermediate value theorem for approximations of fixed points and zeroes of continuous functions

Anatoly Zhigljavsky, Cardiff, UK

Uniformly distributed sequences and space-filling


Yaroslav Sergeyev, Rende, Italy

Grossone-based Infinity Computing with numerical infinities and infinitesimals

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