Accepted papers

  • Marco Brambilla, Alessandro Bozzon. Web Data Management through Crowdsourcing upon Social Networks.
  • Mostafa Dehghani, Masoud Asadpour, Azadeh Shakery. An Evolutionary-Based Method for Reconstructing Conversation Threads in Email Corpora.
  • Jens Grabarske, Dominic Heutelbeck. An upper ontology for the social web.
  • Sushant Khopkar, Rakesh Nagi, Alexander Nikolaev. An Efficient Map-Reduce Algorithm for the Incremental Computation of All-Pairs Shortest Paths in Social Networks.
  • Michal Kozielski, Wojciech Filipowski, Dominik Popowicz, Łukasz Warchał. Density-based community identification and visualisation.
  • Cristian Vasquez. Blackboard Data Spaces for the Elicitation of Community-based Lightweight ontologies.
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