Student accommodation

We are able to inform about preliminary cheaper option for accommodation of the students.
Close to the university, site of the Summer School 2013, 15 minutes walking there is a municipal house called “moli de mar”. This house is just in front of the beach, with very nice views.

We can book this house for sleep, more or less by 2000eur per week with 20 beds. It has some bunk rooms for 20 people.
This could be the cheapest option: 7 nights, per 20 students. Then we have to add here a catering for breakfast and lunches.
Each student will pay about 300€ for the accommodation, breakfast and lunches.

Registration fee for summer school includes lectures, accommodation at “Moli de Mar”, breakfast and lunches. Dinners are not included.

Accommodation at “moli de mar” is from 14th to 21st of July.

Breakfast and lunches only from 15th to 19th (Monday to Friday).


Moli de Mar

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