12th edition 2012

Summer School on

Distributed Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition is the process by which physical phenomena from the real world are transformed into electrical signals that are measured and converted into a digital format and processed, analysed, and storage by a digital processing system. With this characteristic the Data Acquisition Systems have find their importance in several application areas of our life such as environment monitoring, industrial production, medicine etc.

The IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation) has been active in this field for more years. In particular, the IMEKO working group of ADC and DAC metrology initiated the international Summer School on Data Acquisition Systems. While the first edition were focused to the key part of such systems Рanalogue to digital converters or modules, the new challenge in Data Acquisition System design is the realization of distributed Data Acquisition Systems. So in the last editions of the school the distributed applications have been added.

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