Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal health virtual assistant
  • Early disease diagnosis and treatment prediction
  • Clinical decision support in disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Analysis and interpretation of radiology images
  • Application of deep learning methods to health data
  • Spatio-temporal prediction of pandemics
  • Modeling the health status and well-being of individuals
  • Real-time syndromic surveillance and early detection of emerging disease
  • Drug adversial reaction
  • Drug abuse and alcoholism incidence monitoring
  • Medical imaging analysis and diagnosis assistance
  • mHealth, eHealth, and Wearable Health
  • Blockchain for healthcare
  • Social media data analys and mining for public health
  • Novel methods and frameworks for mining and integrating big health data
  • Semantics and interoperability for healthcare data
  • Clinical natural language processing and text mining
  • Predictive modelling for diagnosis and treatment
  • Data privacy and security for healthcare data
  • Medical fraud detection
  • Data analytics for pervasive computing for medical care.
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