Wednesday 25th November:




  • Invited speaker: Matti Järvisalo
    Title: SAT-based reasoning beyond acceptance.
    Abstract: I will give a personal account of recent advances in harnessing modern Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solver technology for the development of practical reasoning systems for abstract argumentation. As witnessed by e.g. recent ICCMA competitions, SAT solving has turned out to be a key technology for reasoning over abstract argumentation frameworks. Going beyond more “classical” reasoning tasks such as acceptance problems, I will overview recent progress in practical SAT-based algorithms for reasoning over argumentation frameworks in dynamic and uncertain contexts as well as explaining and diagnosing rejection of arguments.


  1. Markus Brenneis and Martin Mauve.
    Do I Argue Like Them? A Human Baseline for Comparing Attitudes in Argumentations.
  2. Gianvincenzo Alfano, Sergio Greco, Francesco Parisi and Irina Trubitsyna.
    On the Semantics of Recursive Bipolar AFs and Partial Stable Models.

Thursday 26th November:


  1. Tobia Zanetti, Massimiliano Giacomin, Mauro Vallati and Federico Cerutti.
    An Efficient Algorithm for Admissible Argumentation Stages.
  2. Bettina Fazzinga, Sergio Flesca and Filippo Furfaro.
    Computational strategies for Trust-aware Abstract Argumentation Frameworks.
  3. Stefano Ferilli.
    Towards a General Model for Abstract Argumentation Frameworks.
  4. Stefano Bistarelli and Carlo Taticchi.
    A Concurrent Language for Argumentation.
  5. Stefano Bistarelli, Lars Kotthoff, Francesco Santini and Carlo Taticchi.
    A First Overview of ICCMA’19.
  6. Mario Leiva, Gerardo Simari and Alejandro García.
    Towards Effective and Efficient Approximate Query Answering in Probabilistic DeLP.