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Obaida Hanteer and Luca Rossi – An Innovative Way to Model Twitter Topic-driven Interactions Using Multiplex Networks
Daniele Foffano, Luca Rossi and Andrea Torsello – You Can’t See Me: Anonymising Graphs using the Szemeredi Regularity Lemma
Akrati Saxena, Ralucca Gera, Ivan Bermudez, Daniel Cleven, Erik T. Kiser and Timothy Newlin – Twitter Response to Munich July 2016 Attack: Network Analysis of Influence
Noé Cecillon, Vincent Labatut, Richard Dufour and Georges Linarès – Abusive Language Detection in Online Conversations by Combining Content and Graph-based Features
Prem Kumar, Puneet Verma, Anurag Singh, Hocine Cherifi – Choosing Optimal Seed Nodes in Competitive Contagion
Cicek Guven and Martin Atzmueller – Applying Answer Set Programming for Knowledge-Based Link Prediction on Social Interaction Networks
Essa Alhazmi, Nazim Choudhury, Sameera Horawalavithana and Adriana Iamnitchi – Temporal Mobility Networks in Online Gaming
Avradip Sen and Linus Wolfram Dietz – Identifying Travel Regions using Location-Based Social Network Check-in Data
Calum Thornhill, Quentin Meeus, Jeroen Peperkamp and Bettina Berendt – A Digital Nudge to Counter Confirmation Bias and the Spread of Misinformation
Swarna Das, Md Musfique Anwar – Discovering Topic Oriented Highly Interactive Online Community
Saharnaz Dilmaghani, Matthias R. Brust, Apivadee Piyatumrong, Gregoire Danoy and Pascal Bouvry – Link Definition ameliorating Community Detection of Collaboration Networks

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