Conference topics

High-k dielectrics, metal gate materials and SiO2 for future scaling

Gate stack materials for high mobility substrates (e.g. Ge, SiGe, InGaAS)

Materials for non-volatile memories: flash, PCM, RRAM, MRAM

Dielectrics for MIM and DRAM

Low-k dielectrics

2D materials, nanowires and relevant dielectrics

Materials for steep slope devices (e.g. tunnel FETs)

Materials for neuromorphic computing

Physics and chemistry of dielectrics and defects

Modelling of atomic and electronic structure of insulators, interfaces and thin films

Characterization techniques for dielectrics and interfaces

Electrical reliability, leakage and related modelling

Surface cleaning technologies

Ferroelectrics and functional oxides

Dielectrics and thin film materials for TFTs, amorphous or organic devices and photovoltaics

Dielectrics for photonics and sensing

Dielectrics on wide bandgap semiconductors (e.g. GaN, SiC) for power devices

Materials for biomedical micro/nano devices

Steering Committee

  • V. Afanasiev – University of Leuven (Belgium)
  • S. Cristoloveanu – IMEP (France)
  • A. Dimoulas – NCSR Demokritos (Greece)
  • B. Majkusiak – Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
  • J. Robertson – University of Cambridge (Great Britain)
  • L. Selmi – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Technical Program Committee

  • M.A. Alam, Purdue University (USA)
  • T. Ando, IBM (USA)
  • C. Dubourdieu, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (Germany)
  • J. Franco, imec (Belgium)
  • F. Gamiz, University of Granada (Spain)
  • P. Hurley, Tyndall National Institute (Ireland)
  • D. Ielmini, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
  • H. Iwai, University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • H.D. Kim, Sejong University (Korea)
  • K. Kita, University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • C. Leroux, CEA-LETI Grenoble (France)
  • M. Nafria, Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona (Spain)
  • L. Pantisano, Global Foundries (USA)
  • K. L. Pey, SUTD (Singapore)
  • S. Slesazeck, Namlab (Germany)

Local Organizing Committee

  • F. Crupi (General Chair) – University of Calabria
  • M. Lanuzza – University of Calabria
  • R. De Rose – University of Calabria